Chris Appleton of WonderRoot

Chris Appleton

Chris Appleton

Guest: Chris Appleton

WonderRoot is an Atlanta-based non-profit arts and service organization with a mission to unite artists and community to inspire positive social change.

Host: Amanda Plumb




Room To Read


Guest: John Wood

John Wood left a career at Microsoft to start the charitable organization Room To Read. Eleven years later, he and the organization are going strong.

Host: Charlie Bennett

Photo: cover of Creating Room to Read: A Story of Hope in the Battle for Global Literacy (Viking Adult; February 7, 2013)


Write Club Atlanta

Nick Myke WCA

Guests: Nick Tecosky and Myke Johns

Write Club Atlanta: 2 opposing writers. 2 opposing ideas. 7 minutes apiece. audience picks a winner.

Host: Amanda Plumb

Photo: WRITE CLUB Atlanta Viceroy Nick Tecosky and Consigliere Myke Johns holding the graven image of combatant/Naked City host Bernard Clark. Photo by Parker Davidson