Wade Lincoln

The Power of Suggestion by Wade Lincoln

     The Power of Suggestion by Wade Lincoln

Guest: Wade Lincoln of the Decatur Fine Art Gallery

Charlie talks to peripatetic painter Wade Lincoln about his past and present ventures, including coffee, cabinets, and coffins.

Host: Charlie Bennett


William Massey



Guest: Will Massey

Meet local artist Will Massey. If you’ve taken a walk on the Beltline recently, you’ve probably seen his “Art of Reconciliation” sculpture. Learn how Will turns trash into art and creates art with community.

Host: Amanda Plumb


The Bold and the Beautiful

Karla Mosley and Scott Turner Schofield

(l. to r.) Karla Mosley, Scott Turner Schofield


Guests: Scott Turner Schofield and Karla Mosley

Join Shannon for a “transformative” episode as she talks with Scott Turner Schofield, Atlanta actor turned national speaker and guest on The Bold and the Beautiful and Karla Mosley, his soap opera co-star who also happens to be a writer, producer, and singer/songwriter. They talk about being trans, trans storylines in pop culture, and our constantly evolving language.

Host: Shannon M. Turner