Daryl Funn: Slam Poet


Guest: Daryl Funn (aka Mista Funn)

Conceptual designer, author and slam poet Daryl Funn explains poetry slams, shares a few poems and describes the National Poetry Slam Festival, which will be held in Decatur, GA in August 2016.

Host: Amanda Plumb


Online Dating in Atlanta, pt. 1


Photo by Kevin Ward

In a joint venture, two-episode arc, NAL co-hosts Cris Gray and Shannon M. Turner explore the world of online dating in Atlanta, with Shannon in the hotseat. Is OKCupid better than Match.com? Is Hinge better than Tinder? How much should you say in the first message? Should you talk on the phone before you go out? Hear about the adorable way Cris met his wife, and all the crazy ways guys have shown up for dates with Shannon, including her recent date where she reminded the guy of his third wife’s good personalities. And that’s just episode 1.