Meghan Daum


Guest: Meghan Daum

In part three of our February Celebrity Challenge, Charlie talks to Meghan Daum, newspaper columnist, essayist, and author of My Misspent Youth, The Unspeakable, and other books, about writing as a profession, writing as a life, and why she would not have rocked blogs.

Host: Charlie Bennett


Indigo Girls

indigo girls

Guests: Amy Ray and Emily Saliers

In episode 2 of the CELEBRITY CHALLENGE, Amanda (with an assist from Shannon) interviews the folk-rock-pop duo, Indigo Girls, about their shared history, activism, and artistic collaboration.

Hosts: Amanda Plumb and Shannon Turner


Michael Cerveris

Michael Cerveris collage - medium

Guest: Michael Cerveris

In the first episode of our month-long CELEBRITY CHALLENGE, Shannon interviews Michael Cerveris about Broadway, recording music, fame, impostor syndrome, and a little bit of television.

Host: Shannon M. Turner