Women Filmmakers in Atlanta, Part 1

Gabby Fulton, Aimee McCoy

Guests: Gabby Fulton & Aimee McCoy

Shannon talks to Gabby Fulton and Aimee McCoy about being women filmmakers in Atlanta.

Host: Shannon M Turner


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Men Stopping Violence

Guest: Greg Loughlin, Assistant Director of Men Stopping Violence

Men Stopping Violence organizes men to end male violence against women and girls through innovative trainings, programs and advocacy. Learn more as I talk with Assistant Director, Greg Loughlin.

Host: Amanda Plumb


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What’s in a Word? Part 3: The Public Humanities

Guest: Ian Afflerbach of Georgia Tech and the University of North Georgia

Dr. Afflerbach returns to talk about the uses, abuses, and necessity of the public humanities.

Host: Charlie Bennett


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Hip Hop Scholars

Guests: Bettina Love & Regina Bradley

Shannon talks with Dr. Love and Dr. Bradley about their scholarly work on hip hop, education, and southern culture.

Host: Shannon M Turner


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Housing Justice League

Guests: Tim Franzen and Alison Johnson

What’s up with all those tents in front of Turner Field? Find out when we talk with Tim Franzen and Alison Johnson of the Housing Justice League and the Turner Field Community Benefits Coalition.

Host: Amanda Plumb




REBROADCAST Carlton Mackey and Roni Nicole Henderson

(l to r) Carlton Mackey, Roni Nicole Henderson

Guest: Carlton Mackey and Roni Nicole Henderson

Shannon, Carlton, and Roni Nicole talk about art, race, Black History Month, and Atlanta.

Host: Shannon M. Turner


New Year, New Career

(l to r) Keren Landman, Becky Striepe

Guests: Keren Landman and Becky Striepe

Shannon talks to two women who started on one career path and then took a sudden turn.

Host: Shannon M. Turner


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