Women Filmmakers in Atlanta, Part 1

Gabby Fulton, Aimee McCoy

Guests: Gabby Fulton & Aimee McCoy

Shannon talks to Gabby Fulton and Aimee McCoy about being women filmmakers in Atlanta.

Host: Shannon M Turner


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What’s in a Word? Part 3: The Public Humanities

Guest: Ian Afflerbach of Georgia Tech and the University of North Georgia

Dr. Afflerbach returns to talk about the uses, abuses, and necessity of the public humanities.

Host: Charlie Bennett


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Hip Hop Scholars

Guests: Bettina Love & Regina Bradley

Shannon talks with Dr. Love and Dr. Bradley about their scholarly work on hip hop, education, and southern culture.

Host: Shannon M Turner


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Jimmy Lo



Guest: Jimmy Lo

Meet the author of “The Sea is White” and founder of Free Poems on Demand Atlanta, Jimmy Lo!

Host: Amanda Plumb


Georgia Voice and Georgia Equality (encore)

This episode from last year has new relevance in light of the recently proposed First Amendment Defense Act.

Jeff Graham (l), Shannon M. Turner, and Dyana Bagby (r).

Clockwise from left: Jeff Graham, Shannon M. Turner, and Dyana Bagby.

Guests: Dyana Bagby and Jeff Graham

Shannon M Turner talks to Dyana Bagby and Jeff Graham about LGBT activism, including transgender rights, marriage equality, and the ongoing RFRA debate.

Host: Shannon M. Turner


Online Dating in Atlanta, pt. 1


Photo by Kevin Ward

In a joint venture, two-episode arc, NAL co-hosts Cris Gray and Shannon M. Turner explore the world of online dating in Atlanta, with Shannon in the hotseat. Is OKCupid better than Match.com? Is Hinge better than Tinder? How much should you say in the first message? Should you talk on the phone before you go out? Hear about the adorable way Cris met his wife, and all the crazy ways guys have shown up for dates with Shannon, including her recent date where she reminded the guy of his third wife’s good personalities. And that’s just episode 1.  


Hell’s Kitchen Finalist – Chef T


Guest: Chef T

Local chef Torrece “T” Gregoire talks about the influences on her cooking and competing in “Hell’s Kitchen,” a cooking competition on FOX.

Host: Amanda Plumb