New Year, New Career

(l to r) Keren Landman, Becky Striepe

Guests: Keren Landman and Becky Striepe

Shannon talks to two women who started on one career path and then took a sudden turn.

Host: Shannon M. Turner


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Jimmy Lo



Guest: Jimmy Lo

Meet the author of “The Sea is White” and founder of Free Poems on Demand Atlanta, Jimmy Lo!

Host: Amanda Plumb


What’s in a Word? (Postmodernism)


Guest: Ian Afflerbach

Charlie invites Dr. Ian Afflerbach back to the show to talk about the curious word “postmodernism” and why it was once so important to the academy.

Host: Charlie Bennett


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(l to r) Shannon, Charlie, Cris, Amanda

(l to r) Shannon, Charlie, Cris, Amanda

Guests: Not a one

Your four North Avenue Lounge hosts once again gather to discuss matters important and unimportant!

Host: All of them


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Guests: Kate Sweeney and Alison Harney

We talk with the co-hosts of the Atlanta live reading series (and podcast) Tantrum, a show about raising children.

Host: Charlie Bennett


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Mailey McLaughlin


Mailey McLaughlin, the Atlanta Humane Society Behavior & Training Manager

Guest: Mailey McLaughlin, the Atlanta Humane Society Behavior & Training Manager

Learn all about dog training from Atlanta’s favorite dog trainer, Mailey McLaughlin.

Host: Amanda Plumb