Ranger Robby Astrove

Robby Astrove

Robby Astrove

Guest: Robby Astrove

Robby is an environmental activist and experiential educator. He also plays drums in Dialect Trio, is a ranger at Mount Arabia, and volunteers with Concrete Jungle.

Host: Amanda Plumb


One thought on “Ranger Robby Astrove

  1. My son called me 15 minutes ago. After catching up, I googled Robby, as i often do. Today i went to page 2. I saw this newer page; I listened to this interview.
    Amanda’s interview has changed my life today, at this very moment. Life just got better for me. Sweet memories of our life in South Florida, Robby’s positive and contagious energy, and his natural ability to teach us and share his respect for the earth and his HIV, has me seeing clearer. Robby is my favorite Ranger too!

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